Fibonacci Trading Method

  • How to determine precise entry price based on Fibonacci levels
  • How to determine precise stop loss price
  • How to setup your Trading DOM to fill bracket orders
  • How to scale out of multiple contracts using trail stops
  • How to try and avoid getting your 2 point stop hit
  • Learn how and why to buy when everyone else is selling


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5 Day Personal Tutoring

  • Detailed explanation of my methodology in real time during market hours with screen sharing and  audio using Omnovia®
  • Set up your charts and Fibonacci Retracement tool to match mine
  • Find the daily gap, the pivot and learn how to trade around them
  • How to listen and understand the S&P Pit Squawk in Chicago
  • How to draw a Fibonacci Retracement on any futures contract or equity
  • Free unlimited lifetime support

Live Trading Room

  • Live Members Only trading room of the E-Mini futures contracts
  • Room is limited to serious minded traders; former students only
  • Interact with other members via live integrated audio, chat and private messaging.
  • Access to experienced traders of all types of futures i.e. ES, live cattle, corn, oil, currencies, etc
  • Intense coaching on developing patience and discipline; the main reason 95% of new and seasoned traders fail
  • Live telephone support from me personally

Morning Markets and Updates

Every morning I will send you the following information:

  • Overnight Asian market info.
  • Current European market info.
  • The daily ES and TF gap and pivot.
  • The S&P Fair Value.
  • The economic calendar and release times for the day.
  • The current ES and TF Fibonacci draw with the target, support and resistance.
  • Updated ES, TF, NQ, YM and DX charts when targets change.

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This site was designed for both the new trader with little or no experience and the more experienced trader looking for an edge. I’m not only going to teach you how to trade the market but something a heck of a lot more important, how NOT to lose a truck load of money, your house, wife and your mind during the “learning curve”. If you will listen to me, I can shorten your learning curve a great deal.

I traded my first stock on line in 2001. I lost approximately $100,000.00 before I learned how to manage my losses. Before I go any further, I want to make you aware of one thing, it’s in big red text so you won’t miss it:

Mrs. Busick’s oldest boy don’t sell no dreams

Translation: I won’t paint you a pretty picture or sugar coat something to sell you a monthly subscription. Trading the stock market is by far the hardest thing you’ll ever attempt and there’s a good chance you will fail.

If you trade the stock market, you WILL lose money

If you can’t accept that reality, stop here, there’s no need for you to read any further.

Learn to trade using Fibonacci Targets