3 Day Pass

$ 105

One time fee
  • Spend 3 days in our live trading group.
  • I’ll be drawing Fibonacci levels on several futures (several time frames)  or any stock by request.
  • You’ll see long & short set-ups in real time.
  • This is open to anyone, but does not include any tutoring

Study Guide

$ 109

One time fee
  • The Study Guide is a really short, concise and illustrated .pdf file that explains my method in detail. If you’re quick to pick up on things on your own, this will work for you.
  • I will personally email the Study Guide to you.
  • Keep in mind, the Study Guide DOES NOT include any tutoring. 

Tutoring Program & Study Guide

$ 299

One time fee
  • After studying the Guide, I’ll train you on my method during regular market hours. You’ll be able to talk to me via microphone, nice and simple.
  • This gets all your questions answered, live examples, detailed explanations, pretty much everything but the kitchen table.


Weekend Private Tutoring

$ E mail me

One time fee
  • If you work during the week or prefer a more private session, this is for you. I will tutor you on weekends until you’re familiar with the method, no limit on number of days, and then give you 5 more days in the Trading Group to see it all live.
  • Click here to e mail me for pricing