Chapter 3
Trading Futures

You can’t be serious. You just had your guts and ass handed to you by the stock market and now you want to trade futures ?

OK, somebody told you the ES paid $50 a point and it’s simple to trade. Well, they lied, LOL. It does pay $50 a point and it also takes $50 a point a heck of a lot quicker than it gives. But if you’re hell bent on trading futures, I will teach you how to not lose all your money. Trust me, it’s very easy to blow out a futures account in a few days or even 1 day.  Personally, 99% of my trading is in futures and the money you can make is rewarding but there is a method to it.

I offer tutoring services where I will personally teach you a very simple and basic approach that works. I don’t have any “special indicators” for sale or any “trading system” for sale and I never will. My methodology is based on one thing, Fibonacci retracements.

I also have a small group of former students that meet daily in a live webinar where we take live trades and discuss market conditions. You can read more about the group by clicking here.

I also personally use and recommend Infinity Futures. The have superior customer service and their trading platform is second to none.

E mail me here for more info on my tutoring services