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Apple’s Top Assembler Foxconn Confirms Plans for U.S. Investment

  • Taiwan-based Foxconn did not give details of the plan
  • Announcement follows SoftBank’s $50 billion invesetment


 SoftBank’s Son pledges $50 billion, Foxconn eyes U.S. expansion as Trump woos Asian firms

TECHNOLOGY NEWS | Wed Dec 7, 2016 | 6:04am EST

Poll: Trump’s Carrier deal is wildly popular

To the post-2016 Presidential election demonstrators, How ’bout them Cowboys !

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No, not those Cowboys. The cowboys I’m talking about are these cowboys (and cowgirls).. the US Congress.

If you’re butt-hurt that a woman won’t be taking the reins at the White House on January 20th, 2017, don’t blame President Elect Trump. Lay the blame where it properly belongs, Congress.

Congress has run roughshod over the poor and middle class for decades and now the party is over. Congress has taken advantage of their power and “we the people” have finally had enough!

I do understand and feel your pain; I have felt that pain for the last 8 years. Get over it, get with it or get out. I hear lots of people are moving to Canada; just a thought.

The reasons Donald Trump got elected President are shown below:

Change is 'a comin'

Change is ‘a comin’


I Don’t Care Anymore

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I never thought I’d say this, but, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care how corrupt our government is anymore. From the White House to the Supreme Court to the Attorney General and on and on. They all move in the same D.C. circles.. and I don’t care anymore.

I’m at an age where I’ve probably got a couple of decades left, but, the next generations, that’s who I feel sorry for. Eventually, the Fed will be micro chipping everyone in the U.S.

I don’t care anymore that Hillary Clinton is, well, Hillary Clinton.

I don’t care anymore than Donald Trump is an egotistical narcissist.

In essence, our government is so out of control that it can’t be reigned in now, and I don’t care anymore.

But you know what I do care about ? I care about dogs. I have a dog named Petey. He is a black dog and you know what ? Black dogs matter.

Dave & Petey.


Petey – Click on me to get up close


An open letter to Donald Trump – “STOP”

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Dear Mr. Trump,

You are the American people’s only chance to put a real business person in the White House since Ross Perot. You’ve captured our attention and at this point, still have our support.

Now we need you to start acting and talking like someone that the American people would feel comfortable with occupying the White House.

Stop the exaggerations, stop the attacks on your opponents, tone down the ego, tell us how you’re gonna to fix our economy like you did a skating rink and you’re in.

Thank you,

David Busick

Winston-Salem, NC

Simplifying the tax code and abolishing the IRS

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About 75% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Every four years the other 25% is covered with political campaign posters.

Yep, it’s that time again; a Presidential election cycle. Although the election is over a year away, the professional politicians, along with a handful of “outsiders” i.e. Trump, Carson, Fiorina are out in full force. For the most part, they want to save us from big government, when in actuality, they are big government.

In all the rhetoric, one item seems to be a common talking point; taxes and the Internal Revenue Service. It makes for great sound bites on the evening news but beyond that, it’s just plain BS.

So, in the interest of serving my country, I offer a new tax form with a flat tax of 3% for individuals as well as corporations; no deductions, EIC, depreciation or creative accounting. If you made $75,000.00 your tax would be $2250.00, end of story.

Now, let’s keep in mind, for this 3% tax to work, a lot of changes will have to made in Washington. Career politicians obviously won’t like the changes but let’s remember why these people are in Washington to begin with; to represent the people of the United States.

A very short list of things that would need to go:

  • Tax and spend mentality.
  • Lobbyists.
  • Any type of tax credit.
  • Welfare as we know it.
  • Bills that conveniently have non-related bills tucked away inside the “lawyer” jargon.
  • Unlimited terms to Congress.
  • The Internal Revenue Service

Again, this is a very short list of the changes that would have to be made.

To anyone that is running for the office of The President of the United States, this is an open invitation to comment on the one (1) page tax form posted below.



Department of Treasury tax form EZ (click to enlarge)

Tax form EZ

Tax form EZ


Simplified Tax Form EZ .pdf file





The QQQ’s. Short and long term targets.

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Below are different time frames with long and short term targets, support & resistance levels.

For a longer term target and support levels, I’ll start with a 3 year, weekly. Keep in mind there’s a large spread between first support of 87.85 and the target of 126.92.  To compensate, I’ll drill down to shorter time frames.

QQQ – 3 year, weekly chart

QQQ 3 year, weekly chart.

QQQ 3 year, weekly chart.


To tighten the spread up, let’s drill down to a 1 year, daily chart. This gives us a target of 120.09 and first support at 102.32.

QQQ – 1 year, daily chart

QQQ 1 year, daily chart

QQQ 1 year, daily chart


Staying with a daily chart, let’s tighten the draw up a bit and continue to tighten the support to target spread. In the 1 month, daily chart below, you’ll see there is a current downside target of 109.23 with first resistance at 111.48. The daily candle on  Friday, August 14th was able to close above the upper downtrend line.

From here, you’ll want to watch for a push through 111.48 and 111.83, which will create an upside target. If price can’t push thru these levels, support will be at 109.23.

QQQ – 1 month, daily chart

QQQ 1 month, daily chart

QQQ 1 month, daily chart


To trade this on an intraday level, I would drill down to a minimum of a 4 hour time frame.

Thanks for reading.



16 year old Katelyn Francis

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Had a great film crew from Germany at the house a couple weeks ago. This is a stage we set up on my Grandpa and Grandmas farm. I hate wearing a go pro but it makes for cool video!!!!

Posted by Katelyn Francis on Click here for video