To the post-2016 Presidential election demonstrators, How ’bout them Cowboys !

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No, not those Cowboys. The cowboys I’m talking about are these cowboys (and cowgirls).. the US Congress.

If you’re butt-hurt that a woman won’t be taking the reins at the White House on January 20th, 2017, don’t blame President Elect Trump. Lay the blame where it properly belongs, Congress.

Congress has run roughshod over the poor and middle class for decades and now the party is over. Congress has taken advantage of their power and “we the people” have finally had enough!

I do understand and feel your pain; I have felt that pain for the last 8 years. Get over it, get with it or get out. I hear lots of people are moving to Canada; just a thought.

The reasons Donald Trump got elected President are shown below:

Change is 'a comin'

Change is ‘a comin’


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