What you can expect in our new forum

UPDATE: 5/31/16

Our new Trading Group forum opens tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st, and the 1st 3 days are free for you to watch, ask questions, get the feel of the room and chat software, etc.

Mike calls trade entries well in advance and also gives exit targets. Dave’s Fibonacci charts are always  up and live with support, resistance, targets, etc on several times frames. You’ll be seeing the /ES, /TF, /NQ, /YM, /CL, /GC, SI and AAPL.

Again, we start tomorrow, this is a team effort between Mike, Dave and anyone that truly wants to be consistently moving forward.

Dave’s website will remain here: http://www.thefibdoctor.com/ and Dave is still available for teaching.

The new combined website, Bottom Line Trades is here: http://bottomlinetrades.com/ and Mike will be available to teach his method also. Advanced members also get private Skype chat with Mike when being trained 🙂

C’mon in the room, watch what we do, and see how we hit those targets.


Dave & Mike


Update: 5/20/16

I’m adding more charts daily to our new stream. http://stocktwits.com/BottomLineTrades

If you haven’t signed up for the 3-day trial, there’s still time 🙂




This TF long trade was posted in progression on Stocktwits this morning. http://stocktwits.com/BottomLineTrades

Click chart to enlarge.

TF long +$1120

TF long +$1120



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