About this whole “manipulation’ thing.. $GC_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPY $TF_F $RUT

I saw a post recently about gold and silver being “manipulated” or the price being artificial held down by The US Government, Fed, etc.. ┬áLet me let you in on a little secret bucko, the whole freakin’ stock market is “manipulated,” whatever that means. I really don’t know other than algorithms than can leap buildings in a single bound ! How the price of metals can be manipulated is above my pay grade.

But here’s the point I’m getting to.. who cares ? Why should you care ? If you know the market is “manipulated,” either leave it alone or go with the flow. If you’re from the South there’s a very good chance you’ve either swam or fished in a river. And you’ve watched it flow downstream. Now, would you try to swim upstream ? NO, you’d go with the flow.

Do the same thing with the market. Forget the numbers, that’s all they are, just numbers, mostly psychological now but they still respond to math; and always will. Draw a chart, follow the path until it changes or you come to a big waterfall.

Always know where you’re going and why.



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