$GC_F 1 year, daily chart. Gold futures holding support levels.

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There are as many opinions on the direction of the price of gold now as there are pretty girls in the Carolinas (that’s a lot), so I thought let’s do the logical thing and see what Mr. Chart says.

According to Mr. Chart and Mr. Fibonacci gold is holding at support levels of 1543.9 and 1616.4 with a projected target of 2068.7.

To break this uptrend, a daily candle would have to close below the 61.8% level of 1543.9.

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GC_F 1 year, daily chart. Support levels holding.

GC_F 1 year, daily chart. Support levels holding.


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  • Gold Rate says:

    Either gold is going to turn down here and test the $1500 area real quick before going higher or its going to have another daily cycle up to $1750-$1800 then it may break down again. IMHO, a break down would be great as it’s still a good buying opporutnity, even if we get to the 50% fib. Right now its just range trading and doesn’t give you a good risk/reward entry.

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